UV Air Sanitisation & Purification

Health experts agree that one of the best ways to promote long-term health is to keep indoor air pure and free of both particulate contaminates as well as germs, bacteria, and other microbes.

Today we are fortunate to have a wide variety of air purification systems to choose from, including UV systems that more efficiently deal with microbial organisms than the air filters of years past. When it comes to choosing an air purifier and filtration system that will deal with these microscopic organisms, a filter that provides UV air purification may be the best choice to meet your needs.

Ultraviolet Air Sanitising: The Basics

Unlike other air filtration systems that depend on HEPA filters or other devices to trap dust and other particles, UV air filtration uses state-of-the-art ultraviolet light technology to keep viruses and other microorganisms from reproducing and infecting a home, office, or other indoor space. Ultraviolet light damages the genetic material that controls the reproduction of these organisms, making it impossible for them to reproduce. This stops these illness-inducing microbes in their tracks and prevents the spread of various diseases and other problems. A UV light air purification system often combines a UV lamp with a traditional filter in order to maximise both the removal of particulate matter from the air and the killing of germs and bacteria.

UV purification is most effective when the microorganisms have prolonged contact with the UV lamp. The longer that a virus or other organism is bathed in UV light, the greater the damage to its DNA and its ability to replicate itself. Furthermore, while UV air treatment can be useful in reducing the spread of viruses and other microbes, a UV air filter should be used in concert with other disease-prevention measures. 

Purifying air with ultraviolet light when used in combination with traditional cleaning methods, UV light purification can enhance any plan or system that is in place to reduce the spread of diseases


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