UVC-19 Ceiling Cassette Sterilisation Unit

The UVC-19 Compact Ultra-Violet Sterilisation Unit has been designed to fit all standard ceiling cassette air conditioning units.

The UVC-19 is designed to fit between the front facial panel and air conditioning unit above the ceiling using all the existing fittings.

No effect on the performance of the air conditioning unit. All recirculated air will be irradiated by the UV lamps.

The UVC-19 Sterilisation Unit is controlled by the on-the-board air conditioning controls and will come on and off with the air conditioning unit automatically.

UVC-19 Ceiling Cassette Sterilisation Unit
Technical Details
Dimensions To suit specific model – 80mm thick MAX
UV-19 Cassette 7kg
Control Box Weight 3kg
Fan Integral to air conditioning unit
Power (unit provided with 2.0m flying lead only) 220-240 AC / 50 Hz / 1 phase / 110 watts
Filter Removable foam filter already integral to air conditioning unit
Control Integrated control linked to air conditioning controller
Safety Built-in safety interlock switch to disable UV lamps- if filter access opened while unit is running
UVC 19 Ceiling Cassette Unit

1) Cassette Unit
2) UV Lamps – 9000 hrs average life
3) Remote Control Box
4) Thermal Insulation
5) Safety Interlock Switch
6) Visual Indicator on Control Box – Run/Fault
7) Electrical Flying Lead supplied (2.0 m)
8) Corner fixing Points
9) Replaceable Anacoil Reflector (2 Nº)
10) Electrical wiring diagram will be supplied

A) 99% kill rate of airborne bacteria and viruses
B) Can be retro fitted to any ceiling mounted air conditioning unit
C) Only 80mm thick. Existing A/C can be raised 80mm or spacer collar fitting
D) Anacoil reflectors prevent direct vision of UV Lamps from below
E) No additional resistance added to airflow. No reduction in heating and cooling efficiency of the existing a/c unit